After the success of certain submission-based websites, PopSense has attempted to bridge the gap between the self-centered depression of and the mundanity of by catering to late teens and 20-somethings. But to be straight with you, our readers, this shit happened to us, and we seek validation as humans by complaining to complete strangers via a cultural medium that allows us to receive support for our quirks and flaws while maintaining some measured degree of anonymity.

And who doesn’t enjoy that?

Today I ordered a double cheeseburger with no onions from the McDonalds drive-thru. I got my burger and found out they still put onions on it. I ate it anyway, because I’m poor, and the onions weren’t important enough to drive back and complain about. MLIC.

This afternoon I heard a rap song on the radio that I supposedly hate, but I knew all the words. MLIC

I spent all of my three-day weekend studying for my psychology midterm. I showed up to class on Monday and found out the midterm wasn’t till the following Monday. MLIC.

Just stayed up all night discussing the meaning of life with my bros. I made about 14 references to this sociology class I took last semester, we didn't come to any larger conclusions, but we all agreed that our parents have been lying to us for a long time. MLIC.

Pretending to be gay so that chicks wouldn't find me 'threatening' has not resulted in getting any action. Yet. MLIC.

I wore flannel today. I was trying to be ironic. My roommate also wore flannel. It was 15 degrees outside and snowing. MLIC.

Ramen Noodles. MLIC.

My younger sister watched The Breakfast Club for the first time last week. She had never heard of the Brat Pack. MLIC.

I argued with my friends in the dining hall about whether Hey Arnold or the Rugrats was the best cartoon from the 90's. I said Rugrats. I ended up being wrong. MLIC

My roommate has a Wii but we decided to play Super Nintendo instead. MLIC.

Half my friends have never watched a Woody Allen movie, and the other half have never watched a Judd Apatow movie. MLIC.

Cartoon Network is now showing live-action shows. My childhood is officially dead. MLIC.

No one I know has showered in the last 3 days. MLIC.

I got drunk at 10 in the morning today because there was some sporting event happening. I never made it to the sporting event. MLIC.

Went to the dining hall for breakfast for the first time ever. I graduate next week. MLIC.

I made out with this really hot chick at a frat party and then realized the theme of the party was 'dress as the opposite gender'. I thought this was bad at first and then remembered I've always wanted to 'experiment'. MLIC.

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What started as a t-shirt at the Pitchfork Music Festival has now become an insta-meme in the making. From the suburbs of New Jersey, Matt is searching tirelessly in the name of hipster singles everywhere for the ideal hipster wife at We had the privilege of an AIM conversation with the hunter himself and we even brought along some fresh potential to help him out in return.

PopSense: Hey! This is Jeff from, I'm here with my co-editor Stelios and a surprise guest to be announced later, ready for some questions?

Hipster Wife Hunting: Yeah, sure thing

PS: Are you hunting for a hipster wife of your own, hipsters who seem like they could make good wives in general, or are you hunting for wives who are hipsters?

HWH: Definitely the second... I'm trying to avoid making the focus about me, and I'm trying to avoid ruining any existing hipster marriages. This isn't the Hipster Homewrecker, obviously.

PS: How would you define a good hipster wife?

HWH: Well, good taste in music is certainly a priority... I wouldn't want to argue with her about what music to play for our kid. I suppose fashion sense is secondary. Also, she doesn't mind me going to shows.

PS: You mention some parenting issues, and with the widespread popularity of MILF-centric websites, would you consider hipster mom hunting?

HWH: Well, I think a lot of guys would be wary of dating single mothers, even if they were totally all about the new Dirty Projectors album. So I feel like the market there is limited.

PS: You mention Hipsterrunoff in one of your questions on the page, how much is his work an inspiration to you both for this website and in life?

HWH: Haha, well I'm not sure if I'd call it an inspiration. To me, his website represents a kind of maximum irony, to the point at which I can't tell if he's kidding or not about anything and it's kind of frustrating. If you're talking inspiration, I'd say something more like Street Boners or Look At This Fucking Hipster, but unlike those sites, our approach is one of admiration. We're not trying to mock hipster women. It's more of an appreciation of the indie female. No misogyny intended.

PS: We definitely sense the admiration/respect on the site, so that's coming through. Are you thinking of adding a 'submit' section so we can submit potential hipster wives?

HWH: Oh yeah, I definitely welcome submissions. In fact I was hoping that eventually the site could run entirely on those... the first few featured pin-ups are friends of mine, but I'd love to get submissions from people who want to be featured, as well as random photos.

PS: Yeah, that would really expand the site and make it interactive. If you make a nice clear 'submit' button, we're sure the submissions will start rolling in. In fact, we'd like to introduce you now to our surprise guest-- Foxy Fleet-- we've just emailed you her image... could you do an on-the-spot IM interview with her...if we could have the honor of your first submission?

HWH: Haha, on the spot, hmm... I could certainly try.

PS: Sounds good. Well she's right here with us, did you get the pic ok? (just so you know the sorta hipster potential you're working with)

HWH: Yeah, I got it, she definitely qualifies... the sexy librarian glasses are a must-have for any potential hipster wife.

PS: Haha, great, well she'll type now, you can take it from there, so hit her with your first question whenever you're ready (we acknowledge that 'hit' sort of implies domestic abuse, but that was mildly unintentional).

HWH: Alright, great. Would you be able to give me your top 5 albums, or is that something you'd need to think over?

PS (Foxy Fleet): Overall I'd have to think it over but on the spot I'd have to say
1) Lungs - Florence and the Machine
2) Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
3) The Boy With the Arab Strap - Belle and Sebastian
4) The Queen is Dead - The Smiths
5) Rubber Soul- The Beatles

HWH: If you could have any band play at your wedding, what would it be?

PS (Foxy Fleet): Animal Collective because I've been trying to get my one-legged grandma to listen to them forever but she simply won't.

HWH: Aw. Good choice. Who would win in a fight between Dave Longstreth and Jeff Mangum?

PS (Foxy Fleet)
: Jeff Mangum, he's got that whole recluse "I'mma shank you if you make me play with my band again" thing going on.

HWH: Yeah true, he does kind of beat Dave on the insanity thing. Jeans: how tight is too tight?

PS (Foxy Fleet): Skinny jeans are played out, it's gotta be about my thighs, not his.

HWH: Very true. What's your fav song of the moment?

PS (Foxy Fleet)
: Biz Markie - Just a Friend. I really like shitty rap.

HWH: It seems like a lot of girls are into shitty rap, in a good way. Last one: Which decade that you didn't live in are you most nostalgic for?

PS (Foxy Fleet): Totally the 1950's. I'm so into the beat generation that popped up in the later years, On the Road, Howl, that sorta biz

HWH - Nice.

PS: Awesome, this is Jeff again, thank you SO much for humoring us on that. We really only have 2 more questions. First one -- Who are you?

HWH: Ah ha, the eternal question. My real name's Matt. I considered doing some sort of fake identity as "Hunter" but I didn't think it was worth the theatrics. I'm trapped in the Jersey suburbs where hipsters are scarce, unfortunately.

PS: Oh, New Jersey. Did/do you plan on creating an epic meme or is it meant to be kept sort of small? Also, how do you feel about being interviewed after having only 2 posts?

HWH: Well I'd like it to become popular, I think it's a funny idea and it would be great if other people thought so as well. It actually started out on a whim. I was at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this summer and there was a screen printing booth so I asked them if they could make me a t-shirt that said Hipster Wife Hunting. People seemed to be into the idea, I got a few requests for photos of/with me, so my friends decided we had to register the domain name and then it kinda went from there.

PS: Wow, yeah we remember reading on some site, possibly pitchfork, that there was one guy wearing a shirt that said that, nice to know it was you.

HWH: Haha yeah, the original. And, it's kind of crazy to be interviewed after 2 posts, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Check out all the action at

Hey Ladies? Want to increase your chance of being hunted? Why not get a taste of the hottest indie music in the blogosphere and some necessary classics?

Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words.mp3
Animal Collective - Winters Love.mp3
The Raveonettes - Suicide.mp3
Grizzly Bear - Knife.mp3
Volcano Choir - Island, IS.mp3
David Bazan - Bless This Mess.mp3
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible.mp3
The Big Pink - Dominos.mp3
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal.mp3

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The most ubiquitous violent offender since Jack the Ripper, known the world over only by the alias “Waldo”, has finally been brought to justice. The prime suspect for dozens of robberies, stabbings, illegal drug transactions, and (most notoriously) assaults on family restaurants and their employees, “Waldo” was apprehended late last night at a Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse in Wayne, NJ, for sexually harassing the maitre de, causing a lewd public disturbance and attempting to bludgeon a bus boy to death “because he looked at [him] funny."

It was confirmed that “Waldo” was a perfect match with prior DNA evidence seized from restaurant crime scenes over the past decade and a half, including the infamous Applebee’s massacre of ’97 and Ruby Tuesday Bombings of ’04 and ‘06. Waldo was taken into custody early this morning. All of his personal belongings were seized by police officials for investigation. Upon examining his birth certificate, it was revealed that “Waldo” is actually an alias for his real name, Don Mauricio Spumoni. He is also known as “No Tip Don” to local gangsters and the “Diner Bandit” by the owners of the establishments which he frequents. One eyewitness account, still being investigated for accuracy, details an incident in a Friendly’s restaurant in Pompton Plains, NJ, in which Mr. Spumoni allegedly clubbed two waitresses with his cane for not complying with his incessant and violent demands for a “happy ending."

Allegations were formally brought against Mr. Spumoni early this morning, but his crimes over the years have been so perverse in their nature, and so frequent in their occurrence, that investigators have had having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction. Recently, Mr. Spumoni’s name was linked to the sordid defacement of the nativity scene at a local church, in which the heads and torsos of the three wise men, the baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, her husband Joseph, and two goats were found skewered onto wooden canes and hastily girded with red and white striped sweaters and matching beanies.

Given the frequency and severity of the crimes committed by Mr. Spumoni, it is unclear to police investigators exactly how he was able to avoid being arrested for so long. Many cite his notorious, chameleon-like ability to flawlessly blend in with his surroundings. When asked about how Mr. Spumoni was able to elude the law for nearly two decades, resident 90’s expert Arian Murati explained that baggy, two-toned clothing—especially sweaters—was a pervasive and defining clothing style during the time that “Waldo” was starting to make a name for himself as a delinquent; this most likely contributed to Mr. Spumoni’s ability to seemingly disappear into the masses at a moment’s notice, and enabled him maintain a life of crime.

Additionally, since revered defense attorney Johnnie Cochrane is no longer with us, it should be noted that Mr. Spumoni has absolutely no chance of evading the charges being brought against him, ever, and that with all expediency, he will be incarcerated in the New Jersey State Prison for life.

At least now we know where the hell he is.

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We're all guilty of overdressing to events just to be seen. Concerts are no exception. Everyone has that friend that takes forever, and likewise, that friend who goes to every concert in the same ratty Soundgarden shirt from 1994. In our years of performing and attending shows, we've seen our fair share of concert fashion, and the major thing we've noticed is the differences between the ways men and women get ready for the show. Of course there are always those people who just don't give a shit, but they're no fun. This isn't meant to be sexist or anything, it's all in the name of Popsense. Here's how two "fictional" characters, Steve and Amanda get ready for the big show.

Waking up:

Steve: "Hm, after my morning dump, I should probably grab a Hot Pocket and find the tickets for tonight. I think I left them under the cushions."

Amanda: "Ok, I've just gotten out of bed, and it looks like I had sex with a grizzly bear last night. I'm going to spend the next three hours to make sure my hair stays this way for tonight."


Steve: "Alright, I found my ticket. The show starts at 8, so I've got some time on my hands. This would be a perfect time to bust out the Nintendo 64 and call some friends just to show them how fucking phenomenal I am at Mario Kart."

Amanda: "Ok, hair is looking good, but still no outfit. I should probably bring an extra shirt, because last time, some drunk asshole hit on me by burping the ABC's and threw up on me when he got to Q"

Late Afternoon:

Steve: "I'm seriously pumped for this show. I'm definitely starting a mosh pit, and if some dickhead tries to stop me, I'm knockin' his block off, just like that one time at Lollapalooza during the Bright Eyes set when I started that mud fight. They said it couldn't be done, but I did it."

Amanda: " Oh man, what if it starts snowing? I know it's July, but I'll definitely keep the Ugg boots in the car just in case. Either way, I'll bring the biggest bag I own. You never know when you'll need a power drill."

Early Evening:

Steve: "I should start getting ready. Time to throw on some pants and my wicked Soundgarden shirt from 1994. My friends are always saying only tools wear band shirts to concerts, but they don't know shit. They won't be saying that when I'm getting digits all night. Do I have time to jerk it before leaving? What am I thinking, of course I do!"

Amanda: "I'm going to take a few camera phone pictures and send them around to my best friends just to get a good second opinion. Actually, no, I hate my friends today. I know I look good right now. I'll call my ugliest friend and have her come with me, so by comparison, I'll look even better."

Waiting on Line Outside:

Steve: "Man these chicks are lookin' good tonight. I probably should have washed this shirt. Nah, they won't care. It's all about my dance moves. Just wait until they see me do the worm."

Amanda: " I hope they play my favorite song, but I also hope they don't play my second favorite song. My ex-boyfriend loved that song, so now it sucks."

They Meet Inside:

Steve: "Hey there honey, check it out, I can burp their new single"

Amanda: "Oh, that's my second favorite song."

After the Show:

Steve: "I'm totally gonna text all my friends and tell them how many ladies I'm bringing back home tonight, when in all reality, I forgot to wear deodorant and everyone was repulsed."

Amanda: "Ew, that smelly guy in the Soundgarden shirt threw up on me! I spent hours trying to look as good as I did, and now look, I'm a mess. The drummer was really cute though; I'll go talk to him out back. What was his name, Arian or something?"

-Arian Murati

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Sending the internet ablaze with their 'no more albums' rumor, it comes as no surprise that Radiohead's first release since In Rainbows is an EP. Wall of Ice, which features yesterday's self-released track, "These Are My Twisted Words," delivers a digitally melancholy yet thunderously natural performance.

The title track, "Wall of Ice," is predictable -- for Radiohead. The track's jarring 9/8 timing transitions into a programmed drum beat, similar to "These Are My Twisted Words," ultimately climaxing into the sparse (and puzzling) spoken word chorus, "Time is not a charity/Words so fast/The tale is free." Thom Yorke's dulcet, countermelodious narration offers a biting criticism to internet enemy number 1, the record label. The song (and the accompanying ASCII poem to the EP) is especially relevant, considering Capital Record's impending Radiohead reissues. However, despite this reaffirmation of their musical self-consciousness, the drum track sounds like an offbeat version of 'Pokerface' if Thom Yorke remixed it and autotuned his speaking voice atop it. Trust us when we say that this is a very, very good thing.

"These Are My Twisted Words," the originally leaked single and the second track on the EP, presents itself, ostensibly, to be a hauntingly pleasing tune. But, after listening to it, we are reminded that not all songs are intended to be heard without context. "These Are My Twisted Words," conceptually, musically, and mathematically, serves as a stepping stone of which the other tracks must severely overcome by comparison in order to understand their relative greatness.

The third track, "Berglund Räikkönen (Afterthoughts On)", a tribute song to the first casualty in the Finnish Civil War at the Battle of Asplund, is uncharacteristically subtle to say the least. Yorke's lyrics are heart-wrenchingly moving as they are pulled straight from Berglund's dying words on the battlefield-- in the original Finnish. The track's poignant lyricism is highlighted by a musicality that strives to transpose "Nude" and "Bodysnatchers," swelling with distortion spontaneously, only to be tempered by Yorke's sedating falsetto harmonies. If you thought Thom Yorke was one of the best singers of our generation in English, just imagine his unparalleled conquest of the Finnish tongue.

The closing track, named after their website, "Dead Air Space," attempts to transcend the entire Radiohead-post-album-era listening experience -- and succeeds, simply because the track is not a listening experience in and of itself, but rather, hissing white noise. The track is only 38-seconds long, intended to be an outro to the E.P. While these type of "tracks" are not meant to be judged as full-fledged songs, the quality of the noise is oddly pleasing. It is the denouement to the Wall of Ice EP, a manifestation of the foreboding glacial image, a welcome prophesy of Radiohead's future.

Radiohead - Dead Air Space.mp3
Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words.mp3
Radiohead - Harry Patch (In Memory Of).mp3

Looks like we don't have to mourn the loss of Radiohead after all.

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Carles is the unidentified blogger of the "blog worth blogging about," He is known for his commentary/analysis of the alternative world, everything from theorizing about Animal Collective/mob mentality to coining the next music trend — GorillaVsBearCore? Chillwave? PitchforkWaveGaze? Yesterday, he started a clothing brand, I Am Carles. There's even a coinciding merchandise website, Items for sale include the I Am Carles men's/women's shirt and the option to have your shirt personally delivered by Carles himself. An up and coming designer is taking the internets by storm, and so I decided to investigate via an IM interview. MORE»

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Volcano Choir - Island, IS.mp3
Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words.mp3
Xx - Crystalised.mp3
Taken By Trees - Watching the Waves.mp3
The Almighty Defenders - Cone of Light.mp3
All free mp3's here.

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Paula Abdul Officially Off American Idol
Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack to Feature Karen O
James Cameron's Avatar Trailer
Calvin Harris Makes a Human Synthesizer

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Ryan Seacrest and Company Take Final Shit on Paula Abdul
Karen O Appears on Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack, is she legally considered a giant??
Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peak Footage of James Cameron, Titanic, Rose nude scene
Calvin Harris Carves Human Beings into Keyboards and Plays Over Their Dead Bodies

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Radiohead Wall of Ice EP Review + free mp3. Read here.

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Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson!

"a new track by radiohead! well, new as of about a week ago. yes, im sure youve all heard it by now anyway and im lame for even mentioning it at this point, but it would be irresponsible of me as a music blogger to not mention it, even if its just over a week old and already old news." [via Daily Beatz]

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