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Because MTV is so crazy and speaks to my generation... Quote of the Day 7/24

Friday, July 25, 2008 Leave a Comment

-Ali Starzyk and Jeff Luppino-Esposito

“It'll be good to preside over what is sure to be only vaguely coordinated televised insanity."

- Russel Brand, co-star of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", anticipating his upcoming task of hosting the MTV Video Music Awards.

A pretty good time to use this quote:
When you are Alex Trebek and the producers have just informed you that they are speeding up the "Final Jeopardy" music so that it fits in 45 seconds instead of a minute, and you know shits about to get crazy.

A terrible time to use this quote:
When you are Nick Lachey making a last stand in the name of stardom by accepting the hosting job for Fox's latest reality TV show "Bellevue Busters: When midgets and zoo animals attempt to rescue patients from your local insane asylum, things don't go as planned"

The winning time to use this quote:
When you are John Travolta, pissed about the fact that Pierce Brosnan is stealing the musical-movie limelight from you, and you decide to launch a viral self-promotional marketing campaign by leaving the camera on during your daily routine as MC of an all-out brawl between freshly slaughtered prom kings and queens dressed up in costumes from "Grease", hurling baby's knee caps and cow droppings at one another by way of Kevin Bacon's secret mastery of the human marionette.

Some late night tunes to keep you awake with us:
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh.mp3
The Avett Brothers - Will You Return?.mp3
These United States - West Won.mp3
The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City.mp3
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