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Monday, July 28, 2008 Leave a Comment

The Best Elderly Male Television Personality Is...
Bob Barker - 32%
Alex Trebek - 29%
Regis Philbin - 17%
Larry King - 20%

Bob Barker was the first Chuck Norris, just ask Happy Gilmore. An early push for Trebek made it look like the king of deadpan comedy and random facts was going to run away with this one, but Barker swiftly informed him that the price was wrong, bitch. Infamous host of the non-stop-action news show Larry King (barely a)live fell to third, proving yet again that PopSense readers demand their news come from people under the age of 113. In a shocking last place was the morning macdaddy Regis Philbin. Despite working daily with the most annoying MILF on the planet, even Regis' baby-eating ways couldn't land him a top slot. Rock on Barker, even in retirement, grannies everywhere are fantasizing about you.

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  • SARAHSPY said:  

    i was gonna pick Oz, but i'd rather go without all the singing.

  • Jeff Luppino-Esposito said:  

    haha, poor Oz. It's struggling. I definitely thought more people would rather have munchkins than perpetual warfare in Narnia, but I can understand that the singing could get very annoying.

  • Anonymous said:  

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