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The Mob vs the mob

Monday, July 28, 2008 Leave a Comment

- Jeff Luppino-Esposito

As you all know, it is a rare situation where we will post a single link as the basis of an article on PopSense. But, as a member of the internet community that increasingly relies on your participation, I find this to be absolutely worthy of posting. I want to give a special thanks to Ted Shiel for sending this link my way as a result of our recent "Ode to Debunking the Dark Knight as the Greatest Film of All Time"(as voted by IMDB).

So yeah, check this out and feel free to leave comments here to discuss this issue--
When the "Wisdom of Crowds" turns on itself: IMDB Edition

After you read it, here's the latest figures of votes for The Godfather as of 7/28:

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  • Anonymous said:  

    messed up! So not cool. Gives a bad name to a great movie.

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