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Movie Preview Review: Religulous

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Leave a Comment

Bill Maher's October 3rd, 2008 release documentary "Religulous," directed by none other than the forces that brought you Borat, arrives just in time for election season. Since the idea of separation of church and state has apparently flown out the window, Americans not only have to worry about Presidential candidates policies for the struggling economy, war in Iraq, and homeland security, but also must take into consideration the nominees religious convictions as well. Maher, a self-proclaimed "rationalist", tries to approach this taboo subject with as unbiased a mentality as can be mustered by a man who equates God with Santa Claus, regarding all subject matter with a candid sense of humor. Not an inch of American landscape seems to have escaped the parasitic nature of religious folk, as Maher goes on a continental trek across our country to seek further understanding of the reasoning behind such powerful convictions to that which is intangible. Still, amidst the criticism one must remember why this documentary was able to be created here in the first place - while we may have damned ourselves to forever being one nation under God, we are still one nation under the sacrament of freedom.
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  • Adam said:  

    I can't exactly comment on the implications involving faith and religion, but from both this trailer, and this clip worry me:

    It comes off as, not just unbiased, but extremely condescending. More than anything, though, and I think this is easier to agree on, but from a filmmaking standpoint, this just looks plain lousy.

  • Jeff Luppino-Esposito said:  

    very very true.
    This seems disgustingly demeaning, and it seems like a classic case of rounding up a bunch nut jobs to prove some broader point where a correlation shouldn't be made. I feel like at the end of the film Bill Maher is gonna come out and say, "Ta Da!" and that he thinks we're all gonna go- "oh my fake-god, i never realized that religion wasn't based on scientific proof and that it's a silly notion of a big man in the sky! How did I miss it all this time?!?"

  • jeremie said:  

    although it does seem to come off a bit mocking, i think the point is about how religion gets involved in government, which i think is an important point to be made.

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