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New Harry Potter Trailer + Cultural Conclusions 7/30

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Leave a Comment

If You Could Live In Any Fantasy World...
a. Narnia - 8%
b. Oz - 8%
c. Middle Earth - 13%
d. Hogwarts - 70%

There was obviously a misunderstanding here. All I said was "live" in any fantasy world. You foolish squibs! Take your dirty mudblood selves out of Hogwarts! No one there loves you, you are the prime target of He Who Shall Not Be Named, and you fail out of every class because you can't even bend a spoon. Just Kidding! Sorta. Either way, I guess I'm not really surprised by the overwhelming support of Harry and company, it was a bit expected when this question was oh-so-wisely crafted. Then again, I'm shocked to see Oz and Narnia tied. I mean come on; Dorothy and Glinda were pretty hot, and if the singing gets annoying you could just remove the Tin Man's face, slay the Lion with it, and cover the bodies with the Scarecrow's limbs. Well, in tribute to the epic victory, I present to you the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I'm happy to see that they continue to head in a darker direction, and that quick cut-scenes of Voldemort continue to make him look like a badass 80s rock star.

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  • Anonymous said:  

    is it not too late to pull out now?????

    (that's what she said)

  • Jeff Luppino-Esposito said:  

    1- YES incredibly placed "that's what she said"

    2- It probably is too late to pull out, but I guess I just mean 'should' in the sense of principle/if it weren't too late.

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