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What?! I Love Myspace! Cultural Conclusions 7/25

Friday, July 25, 2008 Leave a Comment

- Jeff Luppino-Esposito

Which site do you spend (waste) the most time on?
a. Myspace - 2%
b. Perez Hilton - 11%
c. YouTube - 22%
d. Facebook - 62%

Resisting internationally-accepted rankings that place YouTube as the third most popular site on the web in the US, then Myspace, and THEN Facebook, PopSense readers showed just how hip they really are. If those facts don't prove it, then just the mere truth that only one fool chose Myspace pretty much guarantees our level of awesomeness. It's also nice to see that you're getting your culture news from us instead of Perez! But let's talk about something more important while we're on the subject: The New Facebook Layout!! Go to new.facebook.com to see your page set up in the new format. Obviously we'll be writing about this in the near future; celebrating the cool new photo set up, getting upset at the way they've blended the wall with your mini-feed, and discussing the implications of moving some vital information off of your front page. Oo, I'm so giddy! This reminds us of our first time on Facebook and the 5 things we learned not to do the hard way.

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  • Allison said:  

    I've heard of this rumored new layout on Facebook, but I hadn't seen it until I saw your screen shot. Mine has not been changed yet. I am most certainly not complaining, as I'm sure it will be eventually. I must wonder why mine remains unchanged though.

  • Jeff Luppino-Esposito said:  

    hmm, that's odd. I know mine didn't change until i went to http://www.new.facebook.com
    Then at that point it kept me locked in to the new format. I only made the change so I can start to get used to it, because like you said, it'll change inevitably for everyone soon enough. I sorta feel that this is a case of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but a few new things here and there don't look too bad, and I guess I'm just an old timer (in terms of the internet at least).

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