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Gambit Movie Rumored; Wolverine Go Fishes

Thursday, April 30, 2009 Leave a Comment

Gambit is the coolest X-Men of the bunch. There, I said it. Not that I expect many people to disagree or anything , because he does seem to be a fan favorite—his mere absence from previous X-Men films caused disgruntled, whiny folks like myself be disgruntled and whiny at a higher volume. So, naturally, people are wigging out that the card-throwing, Cajun-accented, ladies man himself will be making an appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

But wait—what’s this I hear? A Gambit solo movie is a possibility? Well, hot damn, sign me up! I haven’t even seen Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in action, but I don’t even care. He told MTV News the other day that he would love to film a Gambit movie—preferably, he says, of Gambit’s life as a shady character on the streets, “stealing things to survive because the stakes are so high.”

For the most part, comic book movies have rocked (forget about that whole Phoenix thing, forget about Daredevil, and then that statement is pretty much true), and they’ve made studios some serious bank. So why not make a Gambit movie? It’ll make tons of money, comic book nerds all over the world will rejoice, and Taylor Kitsch will be happy.

The movie, for all we know, isn’t happening as of yet. There’s no contract saying it’ll be done, although Kitsch seems more than willing to partake in attempting to convince the higher-ups to sign on. “Come on, Fox,” he said. “Let’s do it.”

Yeah, come on, Fox. Do it!

-Melissa Schrettner

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  • Lake said:  

    so cool!!!!

  • michael said:  


  • joan said:  

    my love for gambit now goes all over you melissa!

  • Brian said:  

    uhh i think she means 'my love for melissa now transfers to gambit'

  • Aimee said:  

    I hope Fox is looking at all the comments on the sites that report this movie is rumored because then they'll see how much the fans want it to happen!! Myself included and yeah i've been whining for this since the first x-men movie too!! Loved Wolverine's Origin now its Gambits turn!!

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