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An Evening with the Gregory Brothers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Leave a Comment

Meet the Gregory Brothers!

“Sarah is the business-babe and insane soulful wailer. Michael is the hip-hop aficionado and technical guru. Andrew is the guitar-pickin' folky poet. Evan takes the keyboard solos and usually drives the van.” When not recording, jamming, auto-tuning, the crew unwinds by playing Frisbee and eating Aldo’s huevos rancheros.

The Gregory Brothers come from a very musical family. Trying to make a life out of music is tough, but they have no problem taking odd jobs to pay the bills so they can do what they love to do. Though most may know them from the “Auto-Tune the News” series on YouTube, they recently released a short EP that, personally, brings more to the table than the other 1000+ songs on my iPod.
I asked the brothers if they were worried that people may not take their music career seriously after viewing their videos. “There will definitely be some fans who found us through our videos, and who will be disappointed when they hear our records and they’re not a bunch of hip-hop political parodies…Most people get that we are capable of creating music in different styles, and can appreciate our folky soul jams for what they are.”

The Auto-Tune series evolved from some videos that little brother Michael made during the election season, “from just songs about the debate to what eventually became auto-tuned duets with the candidates.” These hilarious videos, all available on Michael’s YouTube channel and for purchase at AmieStreet.com, made my list of vivacious virals. “Auto-Tune the News was borne out of a desire to serialize that same idea and keep it current and funny.”

A 3-month tour proved to be a knowledgeable and entertaining experience, as well as providing lasting connections they could use in the future. “That was great and connected us to a lot of different audiences. Since then we've done some return dates to our favorite venues, and of course lots of performing in NYC and VA. Playing that much makes you really comfortable with your material and band-mates. But we'd be lying if we said that our self-booked, self-managed, small-potatoes, secondhand-minivan, floor-sleepin', waffle-house-eatin' tour had really taken us to that next level of indie-cred and notoriety.”

What of their still-fresh internet fame and fans? “We are absolutely trying to harness some of the attention we've gotten from the video and slowly turn our YouTube audience into a network of fans for the band. But we also accept that our videos will mostly be a separate line of work from our albums and we're going to keep running with those for their own sake. If we somehow twist this into scads of fame and money, great. But we're okay with being ‘hey, you're the guys that made Katie Couric sing 'very thin ice'!’”

Finally, what makes the group stand out from all the other soul/R&B artists? “Oh, gosh, I don't know, you know, like, we're just out there doin' our thing, you know, like we're really tryin' to take it to the next level, you know what I'm sayin', like it's what we all bring to the table, is just our jam, you know?”
Well said.

You can find their soulful songs on iTunes, AmieStreet.com, andrewgregorymusic.com, MySpace, or their website. Stay tuned for some pimpin’ tees, too!

-Uncle Jake Frazier

A YouTube Playlist I created for YOU! THE GREGORY BROTHERS

The Gregory Brothers - Butter on my Roll.mp3

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  • Finair said:  

    wow, very interesting. Love when you guys get exclusive material like this.

  • Marcus said:  

    cool! those guys! thanks a lot for an inside scoop

  • Anonymous said:  

    very unique, thanks uncle jake!

  • Melissa said:  

    you're doing good by this band jake-- i get the feeling that they're very chill and cool just by reading their quotes, that's a really important thing to convey to potential fans

  • Unla said:  

    exclusive interview with the autotune guys, gotta fuckin love it

  • Vebecca said:  

    seems like an interesting bunch, excited to hear more from them!

  • Lexi said:  

    good playlist!

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