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The Life of a Trending Topic on Twitter

Thursday, March 25, 2010 Leave a Comment

pussnboots Britney Spears is dead

snorlax RT @pussnboots Spears is dead R.I.P I'm a slave 4 u!!

fifispots #deadbritney lolz i wish

ringtheposey @fifispots sicko! Are you trying to make me cry?? RT #deadbritney lolz i wish

lukeybaby RT @pussnboots Spears is dead R.I.P I'm a slave 4 u!! Oh no! Stop spreading lies you must!

righthandleft @lukeybaby Yoda says that it ain't for realz #deadBritney

donkeylips Yoda is mah baby daddy

lazerluvr @donkeylips Mom, is that you?!

aplusk @iamdiddy first puff daddy, then pdiddy, now he's Yodaddy. ha, i am so hilarious. FOLLOW ME PLEEEAAASSEEE #yoda

milostroke @aplusk yeah you're the man ashton kutcher! #crappyactorsincameracommercials

pipilonlon wait why is britney trending??? is she dead??

tonythetiga GRRREAAATTT I hate white chix #deadbritney

borophyl @tonythetiga I knew you didn't actually like selling cereal!

aisonette @concernedmom well thank god Teens Don't Tweet otherwise they'd think britney was dead. Anyone wish Paula Abdul died?

thebigjohnson yeah died. in my pants! booomshakalaka!!!! #paulaabdul

thelittlejohnson wait, everyone is finding their fathers today! dad, is that you? #paulaabdul

RandyDawgJackson DDOS DDOS HOLY sHiT Twitter just went down for 3 seconds, almost killed Paula Abdul in protest. What the fuck is a sotomayor?! #paulaabdul

hipsterrunoff @paulaabdul r u dead bro?

pitchforkmedia Check out our reviews: Britney's fake death 8.3, Paula's potential death 8.375, thoughts? #deadbritney #paulaabdul #yoda

iamdiddy yo i brought THE FORCE on this new track check it out tiny.url/2341423 #yoda

iamdiddy @aplusk oh yeah, and fuck you kutcher. #yoda

dikinabox yoda stole my gf. now I like star trek #yodaisadik

bellamy Does anyone else think william shatner is hot? #yodaisadik

wallpaperface wait why the fuck is yoda trending?

halo3rocks chuck norris doesn't use the force, he is the force. and luke's father. #yodaisadik

veronicafox sweet, yummy lesbians bit.ly/411341 #yodaisadik

partofahole @veronicafox thanks for the spam bitch. Screw you all and yoda, remember the game jenga?? that was amazing #yodaisadik...#Jenga!!!

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  • Anonymous said:  

    this is my life story!

  • Veronica said:  

    hahah i've seen this so many times

  • Yolanda said:  

    wait... is britney really dead?!?

  • Verily said:  

    i was rofl after like 3 tweets in, such a fun read

  • Michelle said:  

    you really captured the voices of famous twitterers on here lol

  • Brittany said:  

    too true, my friends, too true.

  • Bop nam said:  

    Your survey resonated with me. Not only are trending topics utterly irrelevant unless there is a huge political event or natural disaster, but most people have no idea that "promoted trends" aren't trends at all - they're just purchased keywords or phrases that Twitter has propped up at the top of trending topics. This seems like a blatant misnomer designed to trick people into thinking promoted trends are actually more popular than they are.
    BTW, I don't think your usage of "rickrolled" is correct. I wouldn't apply it to any form of spam. Rickrolling is a particularly egregious form of spam that takes over your browser with a Rick Astley video that jumps around on your screen until you do a force quit. You confuse readers by using the term incorrectly.

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  • Anonymous said:  

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  • Paul Martin said:  

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