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Get hits make money

This is probably a gimmick. You may find yourself discovering ostensibly valuable social commentary here, but in the end, we're more than likely just doing this to get hits.

Here are some mp3's:

Volcano Choir - Island, IS.mp3
Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words.mp3
Xx - Crystalised.mp3
Taken By Trees - Watching the Waves.mp3
The Almighty Defenders - Cone of Light.mp3
All free mp3's here.

Thank jeebus Plato didn't have the internet. He would get a 45% share of the web. Think about how many books he's sold. Think about the American Apparel advertising opportunities. Think about the metaphor of the cave.

This is a website. The internet gave birth to it. You are the baby daddy. Check back for updates! Read after the jump!

Here are the latest news stories regurgitated just in case you don't know there are other websites on the internet:

Paula Abdul Officially Off American Idol
Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack to Feature Karen O
James Cameron's Avatar Trailer
Calvin Harris Makes a Human Synthesizer

Here are the same news stories repackaged to increase the chance of you viewing them:

Ryan Seacrest and Company Take Final Shit on Paula Abdul
Karen O Appears on Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack, is she legally considered a giant??
Exclusive 3-D Sneak Peak Footage of James Cameron, Titanic, Rose nude scene
Calvin Harris Carves Human Beings into Keyboards and Plays Over Their Dead Bodies

Facebook profiles are used to sell yourself, your photos, your lifestyle. PopSense's Facebook page is used to sell PopSense. Twitter is used to sell you links. Social media is a marketing scam. That is why we like social media. We think the blue Twitter bird is cute.

Porn = inappropriate in public, Spontaneously leaked celebrity nude pics = interesting social commentary with equally masturbatory benefits.

Don't try spamming the comment section of this article, we can see through your one-liner with the conveniently placed link to a vaguely related article on your website. No one actually goes by the name 'Marco.' Nice try.

Please find below some carefully titled URL's, utilized to boost google search traffic, search rank. Meta tags included. They make the world go round. They tell us where Carmen San Diego is.

This site doesn't run ads. Does that mean they're just doing it for the people? (NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW or home if children are within a 3 mile radius)

Print Media is Dead! Long Live Print Media!

Get more hits make more money

Here is a remarkably thorough how-to guide on using Twitter and Facebook to your advantage. This is our little way of saying thanks for all the hits. Maybe this will help you get some hits one day.

Radiohead Wall of Ice EP Review + free mp3. Read here.

Is this post a meme yet?

Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson!

"a new track by radiohead! well, new as of about a week ago. yes, im sure youve all heard it by now anyway and im lame for even mentioning it at this point, but it would be irresponsible of me as a music blogger to not mention it, even if its just over a week old and already old news." [via Daily Beatz]

We are designers.

Yes, even we impress ourselves with our uncanny ability to turn on a video camera right before something viral is about to happen. We knew that monkey was going to pee in his own mouth.

Dairy Queen and Ben and Jerry's offer counterpoint to Haagen Dazs' Top 5 million songs of the decade.

Here is what html actually looks like.

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  • Lacy said:  

    this made me 'think'

  • Anonymous said:  

    internet = hits hits hits hits hits

  • Jane said:  

    i am hits, you are hits, we are hits. yall is hits.

  • Marlowe said:  

    And in comes popsense to take a dump on everybody lolz

  • Alexandra said:  

    thoroughly enjoyed

  • chuckyd964 said:  

    internet+people=hits and popups for more hits

  • Arian Murati said:  


  • I live in Williamsburg and I suck said:  

    Some of those girls were a lot more filthy than i had thought.

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